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Youth and Teen Turf

Many parents of teens and youth (digital natives as this generation is called) have requested metaphysical treatments of:

  • popular literature,
  • Bible stories,
  • youth rally materials,
  • songs,
  • YouTube programs,
  • and more.

In response to that need we are delighted to offer a variety of metaphysical interpretations to traditional youth-oriented literature.
We feel it is important for you to know how we define ‘metaphysical interpretation’ so you can feel at ease with what young people will learn from this site.

The educational value of a metaphysical perspective is that young people can begin to see they are wonderfully designed human beings who have the ability to make wise choices and use their innate talents and skills to live happy, healthy, and prosperous lives.

Metaphysical interpretation brings a spiritual component into the educational setting. As you may have already determined from a quick scan of our site, we take our metaphysical interpretations seriously. Our interpretations are grounded in respectful scholarship coupled with a carefully nurtured sensitivity to ensure a wholesome educational experience for your youth and teens. The metaphysical content is designed to help them:

  • Enrich their spirituality through understanding and using metaphors;
  • Strengthen and reinforce values of Oneness, compassionate communication, forgiveness, respect for diversity and appreciation of uniqueness, and gratitude;
  • Make wise choices based on sound Truth principles, recognizing how these choices create their experiences;
  • Interpret everything they experience through a metaphysical interpretation lens;
  • Read every Bible story from a place of deeper wisdom and understanding, with a growing ability to apply everything they read to what is happening within themselves as they grow and mature.

We hope young people – as well as their parents and teachers – will see the highly spiritual educational value that is built into each metaphysical interpretation. We strive to provide content that has a sound spiritual foundation so that our youth can walk the spiritual path on practical feet.