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Kids Korner

Many parents have requested metaphysical treatments of familiar children’s stories, fairy tails, nursery rhymes, and Bible stories. In response to that need, we are delighted to offer a variety of metaphysical interpretations to traditional children’s literature and Bible stories.

We feel it is important for you to know how we define ‘metaphysical interpretation’ so you can feel at ease with what your youngster will learn from this site. Rather than go into deep symbolic metaphors which would be beyond the cognitive understanding of children, we have chosen to keep it very simple.

Our goal with these interpretations is to:

  • make them meaningful and age appropriate for younger children;
  • rewrite stories so children are invited into a deeper experience of spirituality;
  • use simple metaphors that young children are familiar with and can easily grasp;
  • teach values in an easy to understand way;
  • create a foundation that reinforces each child’s goodness, inner Divinity, and spiritual gifts;
  • provide a structure for parents and teachers to discuss spirituality and Truth principles with children in a loving, safe environment.

Metaphysical interpretation brings a spiritual component into the educational setting. As you may have already determined as you scanned our site, we take our metaphysical interpretations seriously. Our interpretations of materials for younger children are grounded in respectful scholarship coupled with a carefully nurtured sensitivity to ensure a wholesome age-appropriate educational experience for our young readers.

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Products Designed with Kids in Mind

We hope youngsters – as well as their parents and teachers – will see the highly spiritual and educational value that is built into each metaphysical interpretation. We strive to provide content that has a sound spiritual foundation so that you and your children can walk the spiritual path on practical feet.

One Sheets for Kids!

These delightfully illustrated products are designed to be framed and posted, as wonderful reminders of your inner Divinity! Each is 8.5 x 11, printed in full color on glossy coated 100 lb. paper stock. These unique posters reflect a Spiritual, Metaphysical interpretation of a well-known nursery rhyme, and make excellent gifts for recognition or awards. While they are designed with kids in mind, they are also loved by adults!