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Keynotes & Workshops

Most Requested Keynotes/Sunday Talks, Workshops, and Board Building Experiences

As one who plans Sunday services and workshops, and retreats and conferences, your reputation is on the line with every speaker you select. We invite you to take the pressure off because Revs. Bil and Cher Holton are a meeting planner's dream. They offer practical, high-energy, interactive breakouts and workshops that bring spiritual teachings into practical focus. They are also known for sharing unique perspectives of metaphysical truths whenever they talk about the Bible's role in spiritual growth. Here are their most popular programs, which can be presented in formats ranging from a Sunday talk, to a conference keynote presentation, to 1-3 hour workshops.



The Extraordinary You

In Bil and Cher take you on a journey that uncovers your True Nature:

  • It has been re-discovered by mystics and spiritual teachers from one corner of the world to another.
  • Philosophers and psychologists have uncovered It and labeled It.
  • Forward-thinking scientists have deduced It.
  • Truth seekers have realized It.
  • It has been spoken, published, Tweeted, Facebooked, Pinterested, YouTubed, liked, pinned, and shared by tens of millions.
  • People who have found It have seven things in common.

What is “It?” It is our True Nature! People who have moved beyond the limitations of their past conditioning know what their Authentic Self, their Core Essence, their True Nature is. They know there is another dimension of us that connects us with the Eternal Presence we call God. Neuroscientists call It the ‘Deeper Self.’ Christianity calls It the Christ Self. Bil and Cher refer to It as the Extraordinary You! Join the Holtons in this incredible workshop and discover what the Seven Keys to your extraordinary nature are.

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Metaphysically Speaking

You will want to fasten your seatbelt as the Holtons take you on a fast-paced, mind-boggling meta-journey into the realm of spiritual metaphysics. Bil and Cher bring lofty esoteric truths down to earth by making them 21st Century relevant and practical. You will be introduced to the practical application of topics such as:

  • Absolute and Relative Truths,
  • the Skin School Effect,
  • chemicalization,
  • divine will and divine plan,
  • cosmic 2x4’s,
  • metafizzle,
  • quantum spirituality,
  • the Trinity,
  • sin,
  • evil,
  • the Devil,
  • heaven and hell,
  • the Multiverse,
  • God,
  •  Judgment Day, and
  • the Second and Third comings.


I'm Having a Human Moment

Although our core essence is Spirit, we all have our human moments, wouldn't you agree? There isn't a day that goes by that we don't do something, say something, feel something, or think something we wish we hadn't. We get angry, frustrated, and fearful. We get bored, tired, and 'coffeed out.' We find ourselves dissatisfied, disillusioned, and discombobulated at times. And when we're not careful, we get ahead of ourselves, behind ourselves, and beside ourselves. Serving others is a wonderful thing, but we must be careful not to burn ourselves out, psyche ourselves out, or cut ourselves short. In this thoroughly down-to-earth workshop the Holtons show you how to strike a balance between:

  • work and play,
  • service and rest,
  • responsibility and response-ability,
  • the new you and the renewing you!

Discover how to master the art of everyday living with grace, joy, and inner peace!


The World's #1 Antiperspirant: Answered Prayer

The ideal antiperspirant contains ingredients that limit our exposure to potential irritants, is free of dyes, is unlikely to parch or inflame delicate skin, doesn't leave an unsightly white residue, and contains Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Glycine. You can buy roll-ons, spray-ons, and powders. An antiperspirant's chief job is to keep us from sweating. Wouldn't you agree?

The uncertainty of a medical diagnosis - or the pressure of competition - or the fear of public speaking or crossing bridges - or spending a lock-in with teenagers - or the distress of financial difficulties - are all "perspiration events." But one thing is for certain. There are no antiperspirant products on the market today that can, no matter what claims their advertisers make, out-perform the antiperspirant power of the world's #1 antiperspirant: Answered prayer!

In this extraordinary prayer seminar Bil and Cher share how you can get unanswered prayers answered every time. Whether you're prayer-conditioned or simply prayer-intentioned, you will find yourself moved by the Holton's powerful prayer technology.


Meditation Is Medication

We can promise you, this will not be a typical meditation experience. Get ready to be alpha-tized! After a few preliminary mini-meditations to get you centered and "tuned in" Bil and Cher will lead you into a powerful meditation experience that will connect you with your Extraordinary Nature. The Holtons will share dozens of inner focus techniques that are Rx's for helping you master the art of living.

  • Experience the variety of ways you can move into a meditative state.
  • Learn how to tame that monkey-mind inner voice that interferes with meditation.
  • Capture the essence of your meditation to sustain the value as you move through your day.

It's a meditative experience you won't want to miss!


The Metaphysical Jesus: His Riveting Tweets, Texts, Blogs, and E-mails

The Christ as Jesus was a master teacher. His teachings were revolutionary and his methods succinct. But to get to his message, his real message, you've got to 'see' beyond the literal text and move beyond the mistranslations that have been handed down to us. In this eye-opening metaphysical treatment of Jesus' teachings the Holtons reveal the inner meanings and hidden wisdom contained in the scriptures attributed to Jesus. Those who are familiar with the Gospels will gain a new appreciation for the concealed language and secret codes Jesus used. Those who haven't had much experience with or have little knowledge of the Bible will be amazed at what they've missed. The Holtons enthusiasm, humor, and scholarship make this program a thoroughly edu-taining experience.


Board Building and Leadership Development

Witness how much more enthusiastic, prosperity-minded, cohesive, and Christ-centered your church Board members are after a power-packed Board experience with the Holtons. Bil and Cher combine over thirty years of successful corporate teambuilding experience with their seven years of Unity ministers experience to offer exceptional, customized Board building experiences wherever they go. Each Board building experience is designed to meet your specific needs. A short list of topics usually covered are: meeting covenant; Board member roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities; confidentiality; financial protocols; church size and congregational dynamics; Board member pledge; 100 ways to take care of your minister(s); church growth; Board member work styles; communication; dealing with disruptive church members, etc. (Included in this Board Building package is a Board Building Activities Handbook that contains 24 exceptional Board development activities that church Boards can use as training tools for further Board/team leader developmen).


Keynotes and Sunday Truth Talks

The Extraordinary You

We all want to believe that deep within our souls there is a very special reason we are here, that we have something valuable to contribute to the world, that we have a special purpose, that we are special somehow. We also have a sense for the kind of life we'd like to live and a desire to find the right kind of work which suits our talents and aspirations. Yet, for far too many people, those inner promptings and ardent hopes have become detoured by the frustrations and lost opportunities associated with daily living. Many people have given up on what they thought they could be. Millions have settled for ordinariness. Millions more hold onto their dreams but fail to take the necessary steps to make those dreams real. In this rivoting talk, the Holtons help audiences appreciate how extraordinary, how fantabulous, how remarkable, how fascinating each member is and how he/she can connect with his/her Extraordinary Nature!

Straight Talk About Spiritual Stuff

Excerpts from the Holton’s edgy, but metaphysically sound book by the same name, makes this talk one of their most popular and thought provoking presentations. The metaphysical insights they share will deepen your appreciation for the hidden wisdom found in the Bible and other spiritual texts. Their talk will confirm your belief that there’s more to the Bible than its literal interpretation.

There’s An App For That

There are literally millions of electronic APPs designed to help you do things, find things, buy things, achieve things, or zone in or out for awhile! In fact, no matter what you need these days, it seems the answer is always the same: There’s an app for that! So what does all this ‘APP talk’ have to do with your spirituality? Plenty! The Holtons use Internet Apps as a metaphor for spiritual ‘inner net’ APPs which stand for “Abundant Positive Principles.” Bil and Cher help you see that a life built on prayer apps, meditation apps, tithing apps, metaphysical apps, affirmation apps, science apps, positive psychology apps, universal truth apps, and Extraordinary You apps is a life built on solid spiritual ground.

Turtle Theology

People today misread Jesus’ life and teachings if they fail to realize that the message He taught was Turtle Theology! And that’s the message the Holtons share in this powerful presentation. The Christ as Jesus said the ‘kingdom of heaven is within us.’ We are divine at our core, the Holtons remind us. We are spiritual beings who have chosen a human experience.

The Holtons point out that everything we do, everywhere we go is ‘homework.’ Everything we experience is curriculum! And it’s “all for our greater good,” says Bil and Cher, “because we carry our spiritual address around with us everywhere we go.” Experience two nationally recognized professional speakers who also happen to be Unity ministers as they deliver this moving message.

Bumper Sticker Theology

You can’t drive anywhere these days without running into ten inch billboards called bumper stickers. A growing number of people are wearing their personal, political, and religious preferences on their bumpers. It is amazing how eye opening, educational, and controversial sound bytes on a ten inch strip of paper can be! They’re extremely effective communication tools. However, the bumper sticker the Holtons are talking about doesn’t come with fluorescent ink or pressure sensitive adhesive. The bumper stickers Bil and Cher are referring to are one of a kind. They come in different shapes, and sizes, and colors, and temperaments. These bumper stickers either adhere to truth principles or stick to false assumptions. They are the image we project to the world through our thoughts, words, choices, and actions. Enjoy the Holtons as they share a ‘bumper crop’ of spiritual insights with you.

Definitely Maybe

In this lively, but poignant, talk the Holtons describe ‘Definitely Maybe’ people. Bil and Cher remind us that while we have the power to be definite about our truth walks we also have the power to give up that power. The central question they ask during this presentation is: What kind of mixed messages would we send if we affirm, on the one hand, that there is only One Presence, One Power, and One Intelligence in the Universe and then at the first sign of trouble give power to outer appearances? Then the Holtons answer this question in the most interesting way.

Life Sentence

We have all been given life sentences. And in this talk the Holtons are very clear about what that life sentence is and what it involves. No matter who we are, where we are, or what we are our life sentence is effective immediately and comes with an instruction manual. What is interesting, the Holtons say, is that we all have the same life sentence. And it comes with an unbelievable amount of pardons and paroles. In this highly inspirational talk Bil and Cher show you how you can maximize your life sentence so you can serve the time you’ve been given by living at the speed of your Christ Consciousness.

An Independent Streak

In this clever talk the Holtons show you their independent streaks and invite you to do the same. Both Bil and Cher are excellent storytellers and the way they tell the story of the Prodigal Son from a metaphysical perspective is spellbinding but sobering, comedic yet poignant, heart-warming but to the point. You’ve never heard the Prodigal Son story told with such depth and grace.